“Speak” Music Video

SPEAK by Zombonimo

A sick location, moody lighting, and a killer track. With this, Zac and Emily set out to shoot an energetic music video for local Newcastle metal band, Zombonimo and their new song, ’Speak’.

Shot at The Loft in Newcastle, a versatile location with the right amount of angst and mystery we needed, there were two scenes to shoot:

1. A performance segment of the band rockin’ out;

2. And a story-driven segment where viewers will witness a kidnapping and the most intense game of Scrabble known to man.

After pumping our haze machine throughout the room, we setup a godox light to provide some back lighting and extra oomph next to our key light, the large windows at the back of the room. This setup provided us with the abandoned building scenario we were aiming for as the hostage scene played out.

To pump up the action and emphasise that uneasy, scattered atmosphere, we had a Blackmagic Pocket 6k on the Crane 2s set to ‘Go’ mode, a setting that emulated more of a handheld, shaky feel. This also helped to crank up the intensity and performance of the band members.

Once night time hit, we positioned the band members in the centre of the room and placed a Godox light behind them, adding this really cool textured, streak effect through the haze in time with the movement of the band. In amongst the band members, we placed 4 Nanlite Pavotubes and set them to a deep red, providing a hellish glow on and around Zombonimo. Lastly, to provide a little extra light on their faces, we used a couple of on-site lights and bounced them from a white blanket off to the side. As an additional shot, we turned off the front and back lights, leaving the band members to relish in that hot rod red of the Nanlites.

It was a long night, but we left feeling extremely happy with what we had filmed and all of us had a lot of fun. Zombonimo radiated a passion that made the shoot all the more enjoyable. They were a pleasure to work with.

P.S. Shout out to Emily for doing producer things and buying Zac dinner while he setup equipment. Legend.

DoP: Zacari Stoltenberg

AC: Emily Steel

Editor: Zacari Stoltenberg

Colourist: Joel Black