Camera Chase Car

Camera Car

located in The Hunter Valley – Newcastle, NSW Australia

Our camera chase car is the perfect fit for all sizes of productions in the Film & entertainment industry.

We setup a suitable car to meet the shoot requirements & have the vehicle setup to carry our stabilizer arm and DJI Ronin 2 gimbal ready to carry up to a 25kg payload at speeds of excess of 100 kmph.

We setup a wireless in car video feed to 2 monitors in the chase car for the Camera Operator & AC to have camera & lens control.

We supply crew & camera packages or we can work with your crew & camera package.

Get in touch to have a chat about your project.

On set

Red Camera on Chase Car being setup by camera operator
Chase Car with Red Camera on ronin 2
Red Helium 8K on DJI Ronin 2 setup on chase car
Chase Car and Honda CBR600 motorcycle
Camera car capturing a motorcycle and rider
Red Helium 8K on DJI Ronin 2 setup on chase car

Recent works

Motorcycle Honda CBR600 video
Motorcycle honda CBR600 video
Frame from Ed Motorcycles shoot
Frame from our Audio RS3 LMS film
Holden Kingswood featured in Admire You music video by Jake Davey
BMW M2 online film