Post Production House located in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia


Our world-class team and facility are here to provide tailored solutions for your project’s requirements.

Our facility located in Newcastle, Australia is the home of our talented Editors, Colourist, and Audio engineering team to ensure high-quality finishing on all audio and digital Intermediate requirements.

Our services include:

– Offline Editing

– Online Editing

– 4K native Colour Grading (P3 DCI / REC709 / REC2020 / HDR)

– Stereo and 5.1 Sound Design & Audio Mixing

– 4K Mastering & Deliverables

– DCP Creation

– ADR​ Studio

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Resolve Speed editor

Offline & Online Editing

ADR session in our Studio


Recording Engineer Joshua Bartel at Tommirock

Stereo & 5.1 Sound Design & Mixing Services

Resolve mini panel

Colour Grading & Finishing Services

Joel Black at work in our Colour finishing suite

4K Mastering & Deliverables


Our East Coasts facility has been designed to cover all aspects of productions from Editing, Colour Correction & Grading, ADR, Sound design, Audio mixing and mastering.

Located in Newcastle, NSW Australia.

We have dedicated suites set up for Edit, Colour and Audio all over a 10GBE network to enable real time project collaboration.

Our Colour Grading Suite features:

  • FSI DM241 25″ 10-bit Reference monitor
  • LG 42″ C2 OLED Client Monitor
  • REC709, Rec2020, DCI-P3, HDR
  • Davinci Resolve Colour Panel
  • Davinci Resolve Speed Editor
  • Stream Deck
  • 92TB RAID network storage on 10GBe network
  • Apple Mac Pro 7.1 16x Core
  • BM UltrasStudio 4K mini
  • Adam Audio AX8 Speakers
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Creative Suite + Plugins

Our Editing Suites feature:

  • Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra
  • Davinci Resolve Studio, Adobe creative Suite
  • Speed Editor keyboard
  • 34″ Wide 4K display
  • 24″ OSEE 10-bit calibrated reference monitor
  • BM UltraStudio HD
  • Yamahas HS5 Speakers + Controller
  • 10GBE access to our 92TB RAID Server

Our Audio Suite features:

  • Apple Mac Mini M1
  • Davinci Resolve Studio, Cubase Pro & Pro Tools.
  • Adam Audio 8″ monitors
  • 40″ 4K Screen
  • Antelope 32+ AD/DA converter
  • Assorted Rack gear (Compressors/Limiters/EQs)
  • 10GBE access to our 92TB RAID Server

Our ADR Recording Studio

  • Apple Mac Mini M1
  • Cubase Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Davinci Resolve Studio
  • Adam Audio Speakers
  • 2x 42″ Screens in Control Room
  • 1x 42″ screen in the recording booth for playback
  • Selection of microphones
  • Selection of Rack Preamps
  • Antelope 32+ AD/DA converter
  • 10GBE access to our 92TB RAID Server


Our Studio is built around our 10GBE network with our 92TB raid server being connect via a 20GBE connection to ensure high speed data delivery to every suite in our studio.

This allows for collaboration on DaVinci Resolve’s project sharing allowing our Editor, Colourist and Audio engineers to work together simultaneously on a project using online data which ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.


Our facility stores all data on a centralise high speed server to not only ensure project sharing and collaboration, but also nightly on site and off site backups for all our projects for data protection.

For remote sessions, we have our own dedicated online server to allow upload and download of projects over our high speed internet connection while review & revision for our remote clients are on

We can also offer remote live video session to our clients to drop in on any of our post production services.






Joel Black

Joel Black

DoP / Colourist / Director

Joel Black has been active in the Entertainment industry for over 20 years. He has worn many hats across many rolls including those of Producer, director, DoP and that of Colourist. He is also the company director of Tommirock

Robert Roworth

Robert Roworth

Producer / Editor / Director / Partner

Robert Roworth has been working in the global film industry his entire professional life.

As a Producer & Director and Editor of international feature & short film content.

Mitta norath

Mitta Norath

Producer / Audio Engineer

Mitta Nortah has quickly gained a name in the industry and is one of the most sought after Recording and Mix engineer on the east coast of Australia.

Joshua Bartel

Joshua Bartel

Audio Engineer / Mastering Engineer

Joshua Bartel has been an audio engineer for over 7 years and has an astute ear for detail, clearly present in all his work.

Lloyd Gibson from Tommirock

Lloyd Gibson

Editor / AC

Lloyd Gibson joined the crew in 2022 with a passion in film making.

Madeline Valentinis

Madeline Valentinis


Madeline brings the organisation skills to the team. As our producer, Madeline is key to making sure our productions are organised and everything is on schedule throughout production.