Luca Brasi Party Scene frame
Luca Brasi “Party Scene” Music video
Hudson Rose ‘Misery’ music Video
Restless road with Tommirock Crew - Director Joel Black
Sundown somewhere music video for Restless Road.
Hudson rose on screen on the directors monitor
Iconic Music video for Hudson Rose.
Chase Car with Red Camera on ronin 2
Our Camera Car is ready for action located in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia
Holden Kingswood featured in Admire you music video by Jake Davey
Filming the Admire Music Video for Jake Davey
Kidacova front man - Jordan Flemming
Music video shot for central coast artists KIDACOVA for their debut single ‘Stop Foolin’ around’.
Aztech Solar TVC featuring Jesse & Kirsty form the block
Aztech Solar 2022 TVC campaign feat. Jesse & Kirsty from The block 2021
Hudson Rose Driving to you music video
‘Drivin’ to You’ – Hudson Rose – New music video produced by the Tommirock team
On set with The URSA mini Pro G2 for a TV Commercial
We are pleased to announced a new Intern position available in 2022
Frame from Ed Motorcycles shoot
Concept Z electric motorcycle Film we shot for Axon Motorcycles (Formally known as Ed Motorcycles)
Red Epic-W Helium 8K S35 Camera Hire
Our Red Epic-W Helium 8K S35 camera kit is now ready for hire at Tommirock
ARRI Amira Camera Hire
ARRI Amira Camera kit ready for hire at Tommirock
Great joy 35mm & 50mm 1.8x anamorphic lens set
Our Great Joy 1.8x anamorphic Lens kit is now ready for hire at Tommirock
New music video ” Opinions “shot for ” The Opinion Industry ” by Joel Black
Come behind the scenes of the Zombonimo Music video with Zacari Stoltenberg
Jake Davey performing at sun rise music video
“Ends with Y” is the new single from Jake Davey. This is the music video we shot for it.
Having fun
Come behind the scenes of the production for feature film “Cooked”.
The team produced a new music video for JD Reynolds for her new single “Whatever”
Onset for DMAS shoot
The Tommirock team produced the DMA’s Global online concert on
A new music video produced for Jake Davey’s new single “The Way She Does”.
We produced a new video for Hoot Homes for their upcoming campaign
This week we hosted the Tony Kaye coaching 5 Day live stream event. Come behind the scenes.
Win 1 of 50 recording sessions from American Express
Livestreaming with Master Chief Colin Fassnidge
Television Commercial Production for Beaumont Tiles with Naomi Findlay
Tommirock have been nominated for the Hunter Business Awards.
We want to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This means we are following WHO and social distancing …
This week we filmed a commercial promo video for the Elton John Out Of The Closet show
Tommirock Films onset for 33southfilms
Come behind the scenes with us working with the team at Thirty3South
Violin player on stage
Last night we filmed Inner Voice 10 year anniversary concert.
In the recording studio
The team at Tommirock are bringing you our Gear review series. Microphones, Cameras, Pre Amps, Rack Gear, Software, Lights, Lenses and more!
Hammond organ player in the studio
This week we’ve released a new video series call Tommirock Sessions to showcase the amazing Session Musicians we have available to you.
ursa mini underwater case by ewa marine
This week we took Delivery of our Red Cymbals. Take listen as Mitta puts them to the test in the studio and his thoughts on them
Car form the jake davey music video
Today we found ourselves north of newcastle in Taree to shoot the new music video for Jake Davey.
RedBalloon 2021 Christmas Campaign.
Newcastle Australia
Tommirock are known for their high quality film production, Now its time to bring that great quality to small business for their social media content creation
Lissome podcast filming
Nerida Bint from Lissome has been blessing our studios with a bunch of amazing guests for her Podcast the past few months which have now gone to video format as of today.
Wilbur Ramirez Fitness video
Today the team took to the gym to shoot a new online commercial for Wilbur Ramirez Personal trainer
Inteliprint commercial filming
The team worked today on a online commercial for Local printer InteliPrint
Increase brand awareness and increase sales of your Products. ​Get in touch with us today
Club me sarka music video
This week we shot the new music video for Mark Sharma for his upcoming release Club Me Sarkar for internation release
On set for the Kindy Patch cinema Commercial
The team found them selves surrounded by children today as the turned the Kindy Patch centre into a film set for their upcoming IVC & Cinema commercial
Voice over in the studio
Get quality Hip Hop tracks recorded with mixing & mastering from as little as $300*
Anglican Care commercial colourist
Come check out the behind the scenes of the New TV Commercial shot by Joel Black & Directed by Darren J Burns
Wunderlust commercial colourist
Our Post Production Suites are ready for your to Dry hire or book with one of our talented editors or Colourist
Come behind the scenes of the “Let Me Go” music video shoot with Joel Black
Come behind the scenes of the “Age of Outrage” music video shoot with Lese Majesty with Joel Black
Mitta Norath - susuru OVC Frame
We have a bunch of fun working on this quirky IVC for Susuru Ramen and Gyoza Delivery service.
Want some eye popping product videos to stand out on social media or youtube ads?
Rapid Spray
The team spent the day in Broke to capture video & photos of the new Rapidspray Sprayscout 360
The team were hands on today with Car rigging for a car scene with Actor Jacob Machin and Director Robert Roworth
Joel Black teamed up with Darren J Burns to film the cinema ad for the Facon Magazine supermodel search.
ADR recording studio
Source Connect Studio in Newcastle, Australia
Josh Bartel
We’d like to introduce Josh Bartel to the Tommirock Team who is our lucky Intern learning the ropes.
Kirsty Lee Akers has just finished up tracking and mixing for her new album at Tommirock Studios with Mitta Norath.
Ever wonder how people get to be good at something most people aren’t very good at? Guest Article by Julie Morris​
Guitarist in studio
The Pits are back in the studio for a second time recording their debut EP.
OSEE monitors
On set Production / Colour Grading Monitor
Tommirock Studios
Are you an engineer, producer or work in the creative industry and need your own office space in a professional environment?
Alex Bowen
After the release of Atlas Young’s debut single “Collided”, Both artist and Producer had big shoes to fill.
Tommirock & Johnny Pictures present “No Witnesses”.
Tommirock is the proud owner of a 3rd Euphonix controller (Now Avid) the MC Control
This month we introduce our new Low Cost music videos with Zac Stoltenberg.
Fight like a woman
A Short film by Taya Calder-Mason, Shot by Peter McMurray and sound design & mixing by Joel Black
The Pitts
The Pits performed a great shot this week at the Stage & hunter and we were there to film it…
Mini Countryman S
We enjoyed the Mini Countryman S for a couple of days and have released our micro films and photos of the car…
Yesterday we was a artists photo shoot for “take My Soul” with Joel Black…
BMW M4 convertible
We had the pleasure of shooting a bunch of new BMW car films aimed for social media.
Liberties band
Liberties new single and Music Video was released today…
The new way to connect with potential clients is now with a VBC. What is a VBC? It’s a short form video….
Audi RS3 LMS on race track
Showcase your products and services to the world the. best possible way with our team of professionals
Marissa Sarocca
Show the world how much your clients value your business and products with Video testimonials.
Reach out to new customers with video advertising on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube and more.
We got to work with the talented guys from LZT again this month on 2 live promo videos..
Alex spent almost a week in the studio working on his new single…
One of the many banes of the modern audio engineers job has to be the weak and ineffectual Sennheiser MD421 clip…
For some time we have had a pair of Adam S2.5A studio monitors…
Frame from our Audio RS3 LMS film
Last month sent Joel off to Phillip Island to film the latest releases from Audi…
Newcastle rock trio In Motion are spending a week in the studio with Mitta tracking their new EP. The boys are
Local band “Liberties” came to Tommirock to have Joel Black direct and filmed their new Music Video for “Till It’s Over”…
Joel Black was back at it again with Lese Majesty for music video #3 with the help from Visual FX Artist Joshua Bruce. Watch the BTS video.
Artist Mark Lanfrancihi enlisted the talents of our Engineer/Producer Mitta Norath for his upcoming EP titled “Changes”…
Marcia Hines
During her Amazing Tour, Tommirock provided camera support for the live filming of Marcia Hines shows…
once again we had the pleasure of working with the guys of Lese Majesty. Both in the studio, Photography and Filming for their new release “Crown Land”…
Morgan Evnas
We had Morgan Evans, Mark Wells and Matt Lovell in the studio today to grace our microphones…
We produced a new music video for Lady P & Imogen titled Crossfire
We’ve added 3x Godox SL-200W LED lights to our equipment horde! Check out what these lights can do!
Need to get a blackMagic Ursa Mini underwater? Hire today
Nucleus-m follow focus Hire
Tilta Nucleus-M wireless Lens System kit is ready for hire at Tommirock
Joel Black
Joel Black -. Music Producer / Video Director & Photographer. Check out Joel’s showreels here
Teradek Bolt LT750 4K hire
Hire the Teradek Bolt LT 750 4K from Tommirock today.
Looking for a place to film an interview or simply a white cyc for a photo shoot. Come use ours
iPad Teleprompter hire
Our Red Epic-W Helium 8K S35 camera kit is now ready for hire at Tommirock
A Modified Vintage Lens giving you the Anamorphic flare and bokeh on an EF mount
Jets player Roy Odonovan featuring in the Aztech Solar Commercial
Aztech Solar Television Commercials featuring Footballer Roy O’Donovan
Domenic Vitalone - Wisdom Homes Chief Designer
A video to we produced for Wisdom Homes to spotlight their chief design Domenic Vitalone
Nanlite PavoTube II 15X LED light Kit
The New Nanlite PavoTube II 15X kit is now ready for hire at Tommirock
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