Music Video


Director / DoP / Colourist – Joel Black

Camera Op. / Editor / AC – Zacari Stoltenberg

AC – Emily-Rose Steel

This week we took to the streets of Newy with two brand-new Jeep Gladiators for country artist, JD Reynolds, and her new music video.

On a mission to simply have a good time, the video for her new song, ‘Whatever’, shows JD and her gal pals doing just that, dancing on bar tops, hanging out of car windows, and indulging in the odd bit of drinking.

For the car shots, we setup the tracking arm and gimbal on the Tommirock van and zipped around Newcastle and the surrounding areas, capturing these mechanical behemoths in all their glory. For the interior shots, Zac jumped in the backseat with the camera to capture the ladies dancing and laughing whilst on their way to the club.

Which leads us to the most notable location of the shoot, Babylon Newcastle, a super classy bar that provided us with a gorgeous backdrop of glimmering bottles and warm lighting. This provided us with the high-energy atmosphere we needed for the choreographed dance scenes. Our very own Emily-Rose Steel even made an appearance in the video as the bartender!

We filled up Babylon with haze, chucked in a couple of Nanlite Forza 500’s to brighten up the space, and placed some of our favourite lights, the Nanlite Pavotubes (AKA, our lightsabers), around the bar area for some extra colour and punch.

Overall, this made for some crisp footage and a fun project to make!

Tech Specs:

240:1 BRAW 24fps

Filmed on BM URSA Mini Pro G2 + 4.6k

Xeen Cinema Lenses

Tiffen Filters

DJI Ronin 2

Nucleus-M Wireless system

IDX-CW3 wireless SDI system

Nanlite Forza 500

Nanlite Parvotube 30c

OSEE 21″ Production monitor

Feelworld 7″ SDI monitor

Behind the scenes