In Motion in the Studio



20 July 2017


Newcastle rock trio In Motion are spending a week in the studio with Mitta tracking their new EP. The boys are super happy with how things are coming along, mixing their tried and tested tones and techniques with some added experimenting on Mitta’s behalf, their EP is shaping up to be one of the catchier releases we’ve had through the doors this year.

In Motion were looking for a classic, organic 70’s-inspired rock sound, mixed with the modern punch and attack associated with current releases. To achieve this we took the approach of blending vintage and modern gear –

Drums were tracked using Sleishman USA custom drums using a combination of condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones, with the emphasis on capturing the vibe of the room and keeping things feeling natural.

Guitars were a mixture of Fender guitars and amps, mainly a Fender tele and deluxe, with a bit of Orange Rocker sprinkled in here and there, all through the Mesa Boogie 4×12 cab.

Ribbon microphones were the weapon of choice again, the Open Plan Recording Royer 121 copy providing that smooth midrange you associate with 70’s recordings.

Bass duties were taken care of by the Orange Terror bass into an Orange 4×10 cabinet, mic’d with a Pearlman TM1, which is Dave Perlman’s hand built u47 tube mic clone. Mitta used an 80’s Shure Unidyne sm57 to capture the grit from all the bass overdrive, and balanced the low end with the Yamaha Subkick. Lachlan really loved his overdrive (which we love too) so we had a bunch of overdrive pedals for him to play with, settling on the Boss Bass overdrive and Boss guitar overdrive pedals split with the Boss line selector to keep the bottom end in tact.

Vocals are next, and i have a feeling the Pearlman big bodied valve condenser is going to get another run here…..with the aid of the Distressor/1176’s of course.