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Behind the scenes of the RedBalloon 2021 Christmas Campaign

The crew had a bunch of fun over the past couple of days which include getting Wet, Flying high, drinking champaign and opening Christmas presents.

The 2021 Redballoon Christmas campaign was directed by Colin Skybar for Eric, Tom & Bruce.

Diving into the water was our first day of shooting.

5am call time at the docks in Nelson Bay with the crew from Dolphin Swim Australia.

This was a bit more challenging than anticipated by the crew, Having an URSA Mini Pro G2 dragged underwater with the talent and crew in choppy water made for an interesting experience, But was well worth it to experience the wild dolphins swimming alongside us.

Footage used was from both the URSA Mini Pro and GoPros supplied by the crew attached to the boat and operators in the water.

After drying off, it was time to head to bed to get ready for a 4:30am call time,

This time in the Hunter Valley to fly high with Balloon Aloft.

Capturing on the ground setup of the balloons being filled with hot air and in the air from the basket while capturing the stunning sunset and other balloons in flight while our talent enjoyed the breathtaking views.

Our third and final day of shooting was in a house in the Hunter Valley.

Dressed with a Christmas Tree, decorations and Gifts ready to be opened, Director Colin Skyba worked with the talent to bring a contrast to the world of unwanted Christmas gifts versus the gifting of experiences with RedBalloon.

Director: Colin Skyba

DoP: Joel Black

AC: Zacari Stoltenberg

Gaffer: Oliver

Runner: Jackson Cox

Producer: Samantha Haines

Onset Producer: Madeline Valentinis

Craft Services: Jessica Oates

Set design – Eliot Walker

HMU – Amber Travers

Post Production:

Editor – Zacari Stoltenberg

Colourist – Joel Black


Redballoon Ad Balloon Aloft
2 people having a picnic
2 people walking in the Hunter valley vineyards
Dolphins swimming
Christmas present to wife
Christmas gift being given

Behind the scenes

On set for the Redballoon Commercial
Behind the scenes filming a commercial for RedBalloon with DOP Joel Black
On set Tommirock Redballoon
On set Tommirock Redballoon
Tommirock Film Production Van