Are you a video producer and would love to have access to a well designed and calibrated suite to finalise your projects in?

At Tommirock Studios, our Post Production suite might be just what you’re looking for.

Book our suite for a day, or even a week to Edit, Colour, Mix and render your projects, DCP and upload on our high speed internet connection.

Our Hybrid Suite is the perfect place to work with or without your client and includes an Electronic Sit/Stand desk, 2x 24″ workspace monitors, 1x 25″ FSI DM241 10-BIT DCI-P3, REC709, REC2020 profiled Grading Reference Monitor, 1x 55″ Sony REC709 Display, 5.1 Audio with Yamaha HS8 & HS5 speakers and a Davinci Resolve Mini Panel & Speed Editor panel running on a new 16x Core Mac Pro 7.1

Book from $550.00 per day, Discounts on multiple days or Week long bookings available.



Our Features

The Room

The Hybrid suite was setup to meet the needs of all aspects of Video Production.

a 3x 3 Meter room set around an Electronic Sit/Stand desk, 24″ OSEE 10-bit DCI-P3/Rec2020/Rec709 Monitor and a 55″ Sony LED TV with 5.1 Surround sound.

Acoustic treated room allows for critical listening during audio mix downs with a selections of some of the best plugins available.

All lighting is matched 6500K Phillips lighting including behind screen bar lights and shut off from daylight.




The Hardware

Apple Mac Pro 16x core, 16GB GPU, 96GB RAM, USB-C, 10GBE ethernet adapters connected to a 48TB High speed Raid storage system, 100mb/s Internet connection.

1x FSI DM241 25″ 10-bit DCI-P3 / Rec709/Rec2020 Monitor,

2x 24″ BENQ 10-bit GUI displays,

1x 55″ SONY display,

BM Ultrastudio 4K mini

Steignberg 5.1 audio interface

5x HS8 & HS5 speakers,

1x Yamaha Subwoofer

Wireless Apple Keyboard and Mouse

Davinci Resolve Mini Panel

​Davinci Speed Editor Panel

Stream deck panel

All monitors are calibrated




The Software

DaVinci Resolve Studio 17

Adobe Premier CC

Adobe After effects CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Cubase 10

ProTools 10/11

Asorted Audio & Video plugins