The New Adam AX8 Monitors



12 August 2017

For some time we have had a pair of Adam S2.5A studio monitors in our main control room which constantly amaze both us and our clientele.

The level of detail and dynamic range in these speakers is incredible, as well as being non-fatiguing on the ears after big 8-10 hour drum tracking sessions, needless to say we have not felt the need to upgrade…

Mitta recently purchased a pair of Adam A8X’s for his mixing room after being consistently impressed with the S2.5A’s and how his mixes were translating across multiple platforms. The ribbon tweeters are able to extend well into the extreme kHz’s while still being smooth on the ears, while the 9’ drivers provide more than enough bottom end without needing a sub or extra room treatment.

We can’t stress enough that gear is not as important as your ear, but when it comes to your ear’s ears, you can’t leave anything up to chance.

Book a time in our studio to listen to your mixes in one of our treated rooms and hear the difference for yourself.