Testing out the Red Cymbals


Today we unboxed and mic’d up a bunch of cymbals from Red, particularly their traditional series.

For some time we’ve been

 looking to buy cymbals for the studio for drummers to use, too often bands bring in cheap/low-quality cymbals that sound terrible for recording so now we have a full set of different sizes that sound great under mics and suit a variety of styles, ensuring high-quality recordings.

Mitta has been a Meinl Byzance



ser for years, and has always loved their sound on recordings.

However, these

(and other cymbals like it)

are extremely expensive, hence our hesitation to lend them to our recording artists.

These Red traditional cymbals sound very si

milar to Meinl Byzance or Zildjan K/A light cymbals, nice and thin and washy with a smooth and short decay, perfect for a range of recording applications and

all at a fraction of the price.

They respond fast, no harsh frequencies or overtones and are generally beautifully pleasant, not like other cheap cym

Frankly we are extremely impressed with the quality, sound and look of these cymbals, they far exceeded our expectations.bals.

We are super happy with our partnership with Red and can’t wait to get their entire line in for our drummers to choose from.