Ends with Y – Jake Davey’s

Music Video


On a cold, dark winters morning, Joel and Zac ventured to the Newcastle Obelisk for a sunrise shoot with country singer/songwriter, Jake Davey, and his new song, ‘Ends With Y’.

It was a simple concept for a music video – Joel on the URSA Mini Pro G2, Zac holding a Nanlite Pavotube like the legend AC he is, and Jake singing and playing his guitar atop a hill with a glowing sunrise behind him.

Despite losing all feeling in our bodies from the freezing cold wind, this simple concept produced gorgeous results.

As Plato once said, “The measure of a man is what he does with his cinema camera”. Or something like that.

Check out some BTS photos and Frames from the Music video below.

Artist: Jake Davey

Song: Ends with Y

DoP: Joel Black

AC: Zacari Stoltenberg

Editor: Zacari Stoltenberg

Colourist: Joel Black