Jake Davey Music Video


Today we found ourselves north of Newcastle in the little town of Taree.

Jake already had an idea for the story of his music video, so we took that and looked at how we could break it down into shots that work to tell the story.

We had a bunch of shots arrange including some interior scenes which we lit with the Godox SL200 LEDs and light modifiers to create some light rays.

Our exterior shots we kept minimal and used natural light when on the car rig. We used an URSA Mini 4.6K on the car rig and graded the shots to show time passing to get them to the final scene.

The performance and party scene was a bit lit with a 2K ARRI and bounces to light Jakes performance shots.

The Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera 6K would’ve been ideal on this location and so we whipped it out to test it. Light wise it was great, however we noticed the sensor read out a little slow and gave a bit of jello on movement with the focal length we were using, so we decided to chuck up another ARRI to light the area and use the URSA Mini G2 which worked beautifully.

Check out the BTS photos below and the music video below.

Director / DoP – Joel Black

AC / Grip – Zacari Stoltenberg

Editor/Colourist – Joel Black