Godox SL-200W


The Godox SL-200W is a single COB led chip mono block light.


– 200 Watt LED COB

– Bowens S-Mount

– Dimmer Control

– 5600K Colour Temp

– CRI 93, TLCRI95, R9 80

– Wireless Dimming Adjustment with remote

– Heatsink and Built-In Fan

– 100-240VAC

There are many reasons why a light like this may suit your production and here’s some great points below;


The LED Chip gives you a powerful light without having to worry about how to power it.

It runs on a standard 240Volt 10 amp outlet and only draws 200Watts of power.

This doesn’t mean it’s a 200 watt light however, It produces similar light output as a 1000Watt Tungsten light or a 400watt HMI.


LED lights give off very little heat, and the SL-200 when on full operating power can still be touched without risking burns.

Bowens Mount

The Godox SL-200W LED light also features a Bowens adapter.

This means you can attach all sorts of light modifiers directly to the light.

We have all types of modifiers available to hire from reflectors, Soft boxes, grids, Fresnel Lenses, strips, Gels and more.

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