Jump in water with a URSA MINI cinema camera


We’ve recently added the EWA-MARINE A-BM2 underwater case to our warehouse.

Hire the case on it’s own to take any Blackmagic Ursa Mini cameras under water or in the rain to bring another dimension to your production.

If you don’t own a BlackMagic URSA Mini camera, we can package one of ours up for you!

Designed specifically for these cameras the housing A-BM2 is manufactured from double laminated PVC film and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port and comes with special ewa-marine CA adapters for connect the lens to this port via the lense’s filter thread.

The cameras side-monitor can be used inside the housing. Once the camera is installed into the housing, just release press studs of the side flap that is integrated into the housing. And if you do not want to use it, just fold in that flap again. Some users might prefer to use a top mounted monitor as well. We have added a pouch that will accept the top mounted, standard Blackmagic Video Assist 5” all-in-one monitor or the Blackmagic Video Assist 4K 7” high resolution monitor. You might find these ideal if the lens is dipped into the water for that underwater shot while you are still able to look into the monitor above water.

Perfect for snorkeling or shallow diving, sandy, dusty, humid or foul weather conditions this housing will give your camera the best possible protection whilst being fully operable.

It has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing. They tighten by means of knurled thumb screw knobs.​

Hire today for $220