• Video Production

    Whatever you want visually, we can deliver in high definition digital video.

    Tommirock's AV crew offers high quality video production services that are a perfect match for our high quality music production.

    Tommirock are here to take your breif to the next level.

    We include script writing, storyboarding, light design, location scouting, ariel photography & video, cranes and glidecams to make your project look like a hollywood masterpiece.

    Our Post Production engineers can work magic on your project with editing, motion graphics, voice-overs, music composition and have the content ready for delivery to Television, Cinema & Online.

    We can help you with Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Independant & Short Films, Functions, TV Shows, Tv Advertising, Sporting Events, Online Media Videos, Cinema Advertising and Content Delivery.

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Put simply, the mix phase can either make or break your project.

    When we reach mixdown, we move your project to our dedicated mix room with some of the finest engineers in the country.

    When it comes to mastering, Rick O'Neil is our senior mastering engineer of choice,

    and it comes as no suprise when other bigtime artists such as U2, Madonna, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Kylie Minogue, Silverchair, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Jimmy Barnes (the list goes on!) have made the same decision.

    In mastering your CD ready for manufacturing, there is no better choice.

    Contact us today about your mixing & mastering projects.


    Mix Engineers
    Joel Black
    Mitta Norath

    Mastering Engineers
    Rick O'neil
    Chris Bauer

  • Recording Studio

    Tommirock is a boutique recording studio located on Hunter St in the heart of Newcastle's CBD, offering a multifunction facility designed for music and video production. The studio consists of our main control room, 2 isolated vocal booths, drum room and two mix suites, featuring a wide collection of vintage, modern, analogue and digital mics, outboard gear and instruments.

    Our aim is to combine the best gear and knowledge possible, with a relaxing and creative environment to ensure you have the best experience while creating your music with us. Our experienced team have been actively involved in the music scene both live and in the studio for over 10 years, and know exactly what it takes to create and capture world-class sounds for your project.

    Tommirock provides a tracking, mixing and mastering facility with a uniquely individual experience, our love for music means that you and your project are always put first. With experience ranging from pop, country, dance, hip hop and r'n'b, to folk, classical, jazz, metal, hardcore, rock and everything in between, our engineers boast a wide range of diverse clientele.

    The studio is available 24/7 to clients, engineers and producers looking for a professionally fitted work space.

    Our Services include:

    Single, EP & Albums
    Music Producers
    Session Musicians
    Packages Available
    Talent Development
    Song Writing
    CD Replication
    Artists Photoshoot
    Music Videos
    Website Design
    Marketing & PR

  • Website Design

    An internet presence is a must have for your career as a musician…and No, Myspace & facebook are not enough!

    Your fans need to have somewhere to go to find out about your latest news, listen to your most recent release, buy your music, download photos and screensavers, and sign up to your mailing list. Our website designers know what music fans want in a website, and they can build you an edgy, professional site in both HTML and Flash that will practically jump out of the computer screen and grab attention.

    Whether you want just a simple page to post your latest band pics, or a complete site that has everything from bios to a merchant page selling music downloads, we can build it.

    Call us today and speak to our team about building your website.

  • Photography

    Your photoshoot can make or break your product.

    Get one of our Professional Photographers to shoot for you specialising in many styles..

    This page is currently offline for maintainance. Please check back later or contact us for more information.

  • Joel Black

    Joel Black has been in the music industry for 12 years as a record Producer, touring musician, Mix engineering and Videographer.

    As well as being a talented music producer, Joel is also heavily involved in Video & media as a director, producer & D.O.P for many Music Videos and Television Commercials for major companies & brands.

    Today's technology brings Video & Music together so much more and it is essential for an Artists/band to establish not only the right branding, but the right image and sound.

    Joel works with the Artist to help develop their talents into a world-class product that stands out on a World stage.

    Make an appointment to discuss your project with Joel today.

    Music Producer
    Director / D.O.P
    Mix Engineer

  • Rehearsal Rooms

    It's always hard to find a place to practice, put together your show or just get together for a jam.

    At Tommirock, we have professionally treated rooms for bands to be creative without the worry of time or noise.

    Our rehearsal rooms include the following for only $30 per hour (Minimum 2 hour booking)

    - Line 6 Stagesource PA System
    - 8 Channel mixer with effects
    - Mapex Drum Kit Included (Cymbals - extra cost)
    - Tea & Coffee Making Facilites
    - Livestudiocam.com broadcasts
    - Air Conditioned
    - Bus Stop directly at Front door
    - Rear Access off street Parking
    - Train Station walking distance
    - Free Customer WiFi internet access
    - Strings, Picks and other accessories for sale
    - Rehearsal Recordings (not included in cost)

  • Talent Development

    Work with Tommirock's producers to develop the artists in you.

    This page is currently offline for maintainance. Please check back later or contact us for more information.

  • Live Production

    Let Tommirock provide the sound for your next event or gig.

    Tommirock have the latest in sound reinforcement and the best engineers on the east coast to ensure you sound your best at your show.

    Tommirock can prodvide many Live Production solutions for any size event.

    - small or Large Events
    - Full Band to Solo Artists
    - Indoor or outdoor events
    - Live Mix Engineers
    - Setup & packdown
    - Wireless iPad control
    - Backline hire (Drum Kits, Amplifiers)
    - Session Musicians (Backing Band)
    - Projectors & Screens
    - Video Feeds

  • Videos

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  • Equipment

    Console 48 Channel Dynamix 3000 Console

    SSL E 4000+ Series, Neve 1073 & 1081, SMPro E84, Focusrite VMP, JLM Audio preamp x4,

    Urei 1176LN / SE, Teletronix LA2A / LA3A, SSL 4000G, API 2500, E-Labs Distressor, Manley Vari-MU, Fairchild 670, Thermonic Culture

    Nueman U87ai, AKG 414 x2/ D112 / CK12, Audio-Technica AE3000 / AE2500 / AE5100, Shure SM57x6, Oktava MK319, Rode NT-2, AKG C3000 x2, Shure SM58 x4, Shure SM52, Rode NTK, AKG C214x2, Pearlman, Rode NTK,

    Yamaha HS80x 6, Tannoy 5A, Auratone Cubes, 6x Sennheiser HD280

    Pro Tools 9, Steinberg Nuendo / Cubase 6 & 7, Sony CD Architecht 5.2, Universal Audio UAD-2, Waves Mercury, Spectrasonic Stylus RMX + Expansions, Drumagog, BFD, TC Electronic Powercore + more.

  • Music Production

    Work with Top 5 ARIA charting team at Tommirock on your next release.
    Music production is one of those intangilbles. What do we mean? It defines the great songs from the rest.
    It's hard to know exactly what it is, or to be able to put your finger on it - but you know it when you hear it.

    We understand music production like no other recording facility.
    We're not here just to set up a few mics, press record and let you play - you can do that at home. We're here to lift your tracks to a professional commercial release standard by working with you, and develop your songs to realise their best potential.

    Contact us today to organise a free appointment with our producers.


    Joel Black
    Mitta Norath
    Garth Prestwidge